A Brief Review Of Dynamic (DYN) Cryptocurrency

A Brief Review Of Dynamic (DYN) Cryptocurrency

The Dynamic (DYN) coin is a cryptocurrency by Duality blockchain solutions. This cryptocurrency is relatively new in the market having been active on

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The Dynamic (DYN) coin is a cryptocurrency by Duality blockchain solutions. This cryptocurrency is relatively new in the market having been active on a number of platforms in 2017. The coin is still being developed and there are constant regular updates on both the coin itself as well as the overall direction the blockchain is headed to. As of July 2017, Dynamic (DYN) has traded in the markets for about 4 months now. This trading period has seen the coin gain some traction in terms of value. The coin is still in its early stages and it is only a small fraction of mainstream coins like Bitcoin in terms of value.

About Dynamic cryptocurrency

While Duality blockchain solutions, the company behind Dynamic (DYN) coin started operations in 2014, it has taken three years for the company to actively hit the blockchain realm. The cryptocurrency itself has only been around since March 2017, even though development of the coin precedes that time. In terms of stability, the DYN blockchain is quite stable as it is backed by a modern advanced algorithm and constant updates. Duality has specifically created this coin to fill the gap between enterprises and individuals. The community behind the cryptocurrency acknowledges that their vision is to provide blockchain as a service. The DYN blockchain’s main item of trade is tokens.

Trading and Market Information

The DYN coin is currently being traded in a number of markets. The market capitalization of the coin as of early July was around the $2 value. Market information about the coin is still available from a number of coin markets and online platforms including Coinmarketcap https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/dynamic/. Pertaining to where the coin is traded, a few online platforms and exchanges readily deal in the currency. Detailed information on the specific exchanges is obtainable from exchanges like Bittrex. As of now, there is no clear information as to whether merchants have begun accepting the coin.

Support, Mining and the Ecosystem

The Dynamic (DYN) coin boasts of an active development and support community. Duality has a number of partners that provide support for both the development and adoption aspects. As of now, not much information is available about the mining process but it is clear that miners are able to gain tokens through a secure proof-of-work (PoW) process. The coin also boasts of a decentralized marketplace where privacy and safety are a priority. A number of safety precautions including the implementation of dynodes for transactions have pointed to the commitment Duality is putting to secure its community. There are a number of wallets available that support the coin as well.


The DYN coin is a new entrant in the blockchain market which is seeking to fill in the gaps that might not have been filled yet. The coin’s mission is to provide a safe alternative for enterprises and individuals. The blockchain definitely has potential as the coin has been able to attract significant support and interest in various communities. The company behind the coin also seems to be very committed judging by the resources it has invested into the development project and the partnerships it has already forged.