3 Indian Start-ups to Watch This Year

3 Indian Start-ups to Watch This Year

The Indian start-up ecosystem has changed in the last year. There are three major sectors, in which companies received access to funds.

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The Indian start-up ecosystem has changed in the last year. There are three major sectors, in which companies received access to funds.

According to Forbes (forbes.com) these three areas are Internet of Things (IoT), Fintech and Edutech. Suparna Goswami, a contributor covering technology and start-up trends in India, listed three Indian companies to watch in 2017:

FluxGen Engineering Technologies (IoT)

FluxGen Enineering Technologies works in the area of Renewable and Sustainable energy systems.

FluxGen`s products can be employed in a variety of application ranging from energy harvesting, resource (energy and water) monitoring, controlling and finlly optimizing the usage of resources, thus making solutions more affordable and accessible.”, as the company explained on their website.

In India, power and water can be lacking as in other developing countries. FluxGen`s EWM system measures supplies at the consumer and electronically, alerting in case levels drop due to excessive consumption or a leak, according to Forbes.

Capital Float (FinTech)

Capital Float is a financial tehcnology company offering fast and flexible working capital loans.

“At Capital Float, we believe SMEs have 3 basic demands: simple access to credit, collateral-free terms and a trustworthy partner. Our mission is to bridge the current gap in the market with innovative and flexible credit products for SMEs, delivered in an efficient and customer-friendly manner.”, as the company wrote on their website.

Capital Float operates across 100-plus cities in India and have reportedly raised $42 million in equity funding, turning the company into the best funded FinTech start-up in India, as Forbes pointed out.

ToTSmartEducation (EduTech)

ToTSmart is an Indian start-up working in the space of education. As founder Saurabh said, the company introduces games and videos tailored to the individual child`s learning requirments. The company is also reportedly publishing textbooks, while working with 600 schools across northern India.

“We at TotSmart are working towards making Education personalized for each student in the country, irrespective of their socio-economic status. That is, trying to move from the traditional “One to Many” teaching methodology to a tech enabled new age “One to One” teaching solutions.”, as ToTSmart wrote on their website.

It is interesting to see how these and other similar businesses will change the Indian start-up landscape.