11 New Bitcoin ATMs Installed in Texas

11 New Bitcoin ATMs Installed in Texas

Today Coinsource, which is the national Bitcoin ATM Network, reported the installation of 11 more ATMs in different parts of Texas. The state also cal

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Today Coinsource, which is the national Bitcoin ATM Network, reported the installation of 11 more ATMs in different parts of Texas. The state also called the Lone Star State begins to be the market that is most rapidly growing for coinsource ATMs within the fourth quarter of the year.

Texas is presently third with regards to number of Bitcoin machines for each state after California and New York. The duty of Coinsource machines within Texas increased moving from 3 up to 14 in October and November while the company satisfied the community demands when the performance of Bitcoin was escalated and the volume of sales was great within the South.

Also, Coinsource set up the first two –way ATMs for the states making it possible for customers to buy or sell the crypto currency which has highest value in the world, presently valued to be of $12billion straight from a machine in the without continuing to the exchange.

The CEO of Coinsource Sheffield Clark remarks, with no indication of reducing the pace, still we are putting more spots on the map. Actually, to satisfy such high demands has not been easy yet still we scale to the best of our ability. We have performed the correct procedures, Clark stated; we have employed the proper personnel to continue maintaining a rapidly increasing target market.

Within Texas, Coinsource ATMs are positioned all over Houston, Fort Worth, Pasadena, San Antonio and Austin. The total number of machines throughout eight states is 67. They are New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Texas, Louisiana, Nevada, California and Tennessee.

Two among the three cofounders of Coinsource Sheffield Clark and Bobby Sharp come from Texas and they have concentrated attempts to bring the Bitcoin ATMs to community customers and important centers of populations.

The cofounders installed the number one two-way machine in the state at Shell Gas Station, Cleburne road.

We are happy to set up the number one two-way machine in Texas like our headquarters. The major focus we have is satisfying the requirements our customers have as we keenly study and examine the directions, pedestrian customers as well as vehicle, the working hours while we are carrying out the installation.

The experience of representing Texas with a startup that is succeeding and having the chance contributes in its fast changing technological and economic climate is humbling. Clark Remarked.

We work toward having 70 ATMs throughout USA by the time the year 2016 ends. We have attained our objective of being the biggest Bitcoin ATM all over the country within a short period than we anticipated.

Moreover, one extra ATM was put in Lousiana adding to these in Texas which are 11 in number. A freshly stationed coinsource machine is at Nathans Discount Mart, found at 401 Lapalco Boulevard within Gretna LA.